Make every night a dream
with Emma Mattress.

Your mattress decides the quality of your sleep experience.
That’s why we reinvented it for you.

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Dreams made in the
United Kingdom.

A union of comfort
and support.
To ensure you enjoy the perfect sleep, we’ve developed the ideal mattress, packed with the best of British quality and comfort. The result is Emma.

Sleep easy.
Thanks to great pricing.

No hassle. No extra costs. No worries.

We bypass distributors so we can offer you an honest mattress at a fair price. Buying a mattress is no longer complicated. Or expensive.

100-night trial.
It’s a comfortable process.

Take all the time you need to ensure a good night’s rest. Test Emma to the max.

Because there’s just no way you can tell whether a mattress is right for you in 10 minutes, you can test Emma for 100 nights at no risk. To put your mind completely at rest we offer a full refund warranty and free pick up for all returns.

How it works
Sleep comes easily.
Order Emma now.

It couldn’t be easier. We deliver directly to your home. Free of charge. So you can sleep better immediately.

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Dream sweeter.
Give Emma a try!

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