The Emma Story

Max, Founder

Several years ago when Max and his girlfriend moved into their first apartment they began the search for a new mattress. They thought it would be a quick and simple task but after spending a long day visiting numerous mattress retailers, they became quite discouraged. The mattress shops were filled to the brim with every type of mattress imaginable and it left Max and his gf very confused. The mattress was either too hard, too soft, or just too expensive.

After a long tiresome search, they gave up and fell victim to a commission-driven salesman. The inexperienced young couple was swindled into purchasing an overpriced memory foam mattress. Due to the price, they expected top quality customer service and care. Sadly, the whole experience quickly turned into a nightmare.

A long delivery time, poor communication, and a substandard mattress left the couple feeling disappointed. After a few weeks of poor sleep, they finally decided to return the mattress. As if their experience couldn't get any worse, the return policy proved to be stressful. The return policy was difficult to understand and the customer service was practically non-existent.

Max finally decided there must be a better way. After a little research he came across other mattress companies in the US that offered a more simple, transparent and customer oriented mattress buying experience. He became inspired and began developing a product that would appeal to everyone. Max and his team were convinced that they could do a better job than the conventional mattress companies that were already on the market. They worked countless hours and after extensive research and development they were able to create a mattress that fit everyone. That is when Emma was born.

Today Max and his team continue to strive for excellence and they work tirelessly to provide the best product and customer service possible.
We hope you enjoy Emma as much as we enjoyed creating it.
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The team behind

Hannes Hannes COO
Du You Talented Team Member
Hung Hung UI/UX Designer
David David Operations Manager
Philip Philip Customer Happiness Manager
Kate Kate Content Marketing
Jonal Jonal Logistics Lead
Anna Anna Marketing Lead
Nora Nora Customer Happiness Manager

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Emma was founded in 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany with the goal to bring more fairness and transparency to the mattress industry. Therefore, Emma is handmade of carefully chosen materials.

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