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Why test sleep should never be skipped.

Buying a new mattress is not an easy task. You spend a lot of time on a mattress and that should of course be comfortable and good for your body. Your body needs the time to get used to a mattress. When do you know exactly that you have chosen the perfect mattress? Fortunately, test sleeping helps. But what exactly is test sleeping? We explain it to you.

What is test bed?

Pilot sleep means that when you purchase a mattress you can try out the mattress for an agreed number of nights. If the mattress eventually does not please you, you can return the mattress and get your purchase price back.

Why is test bed important?

Your body needs time to get used to a new mattress. This is because your body is going to adopt a different posture. Even if you finally adopt a good posture with your new mattress while sleeping, your body may suffer for a while. Each mattress has its own characteristics that can vary greatly. Hard, soft, pocket springs, foam layers, comfort zones ... Each property provides a special addition, and every combination is different. In addition, quality also has a major impact. If you have slept on a cheap mattress for years, a quality mattress feels a lot firmer and different. Even though you sleep so delicious, your body still needs a time to process this.

Why test sleep at home instead of a store?

Firstly, it is of course much more comfortable to try out a mattress in your own environment. You feel most at ease in your own space, your comfortable sleep outfit and with your own sleeping accessories. In addition, you often only take about half an hour in a store to try out a mattress. This is not enough. At home test sleep you get a lot longer time to test the mattress well. It is important to actually sleep during testing, since you take different positions during your sleep, and this for a longer time. Finally, it is also fun to see if the mattress fits well in your bed and with your room!

How long do you have to test sleep?

This of course differs per person. Some people already sleep wonderfully from night one, and others need a lot of time to get used to. But less than two weeks of test sleep is not recommended. On average, your body still needs about 4-6 weeks to get used to a new mattress and a new sleeping position. After getting used to your body, it is of course also very important to analyze the comfort properly. In total you would have to test the mattress for at least one month to know if the mattress is perfect for you. Rather even a while longer.

How about test sleeping at Emma?

At Emma we offer 100 nights of test sleep. This probation takes effect from the moment you receive the mattress at home. The mattress is always sent free at Emma. Emma thinks that this 100 nights is important as everyone has a different habituation phase. After this getting used to it is of course also important to try the comfort. Does not the mattress fit you completely? No problem! We ensure that the mattress is picked up from you free of charge. In addition, you will simply be fully refunded your purchase amount.

Sleep better.
Try it!

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