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How is the Emma mattress made?

Emma mattresses are proudly made in the UK. We've partnered up with some of the nation's leading memory foam manufacturers and producers to create the best mattresses for you.


The research & development process

Each Emma mattress is created in-house by a committed team of industry experts, to ensure you get only the best. Using the latest foam technologies and only the best British materials, our product designers, engineers and technical managers work tirelessly to develop products you can't help but love. And because we do everything with you in mind, we use invaluable customer feedback as the starting point for all our new products.

Making an Emma mattress

Emma is British quality at it's very best. We use only the finest, most durable materials and work with only the best memory foam manufacturers the country has to offer. For long-lasting quality you can always rely on.

Innovative vacuum technology

The Emma mattresses are cleverly packaged in an easy-to-move cardboard box. We use a special vacuuming process to gently compress and roll your mattress, so even the largest mattress can fit inside. This space-saving method isn't just kinder to the environment, taking up less space on our delivery trucks and allowing us to transport more in one go, but it also means we're able to get the mattresses to you much quicker.

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