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The Emma Mattress Protector SmartSleeve

The maximum protection for your Emma mattress. A waterproof, breathable, probiotic and antibacterial cover. Patented innovation for your mattress.
The Emma Mattress Protector SmartSleeve
The maximum protection for your Emma mattress. A waterproof, breathable, probiotic and antibacterial cover. Patented innovation for your mattress.

Delivery Time: 5 - 7 Working days

Incl. 20% Tax
£11.67 at 12 instalments

100 Nights Trial

Because you can't know if a mattress protector is best for you after testing it for 10 minutes, you can test the Emma mattress protector risk-free at home.

100% Refund Guaranteed

You get the entire purchase amount back, with no hidden costs.

Free Delivery & Returns

You don't have to worry about paying to get the Emma mattress protector to your home. Each Emma mattress protector is delivered quickly, free of charge. And If Emma is not for you, we pick up it up from your bedroom and give you a full refund.

Protection instead of dirt.

The Emma SmartSleeve mattress protector gives dirt no chance. Whether it's breakfast in bed, a family bed with children or the fight against allergies - the Emma mattress protector turns your bed into a hygienic and clean place. In addition, it extends the life of your mattress, so you can enjoy your mattress for even longer!

Why the Emma Mattress Protector?

Antibacterial and allergy-friendly

Thanks to special fibres the Emma SmartSleeve mattress protector shows 89.3% fewer dust mite allergens than conventional covers. It is therefore perfect for people suffering with allergies.


The Emma SmartSleeve mattress protector is 100% probiotic. That means that there are micro- organisms found in the material that prevent dampness in the mattress and the likelihood of developing allergies.


The Emma SmartSleeve mattress protector is waterproof and breathable. The protector acts like a membrane, preventing dampness from occuring.

Product details

  • Material

    Innovative Cairfull® material (100% polyester) with applied Purotex® technology.

  • Size and Weight

    UK Sizes & Weight

    90x190x25 cm
    0.97 kg
    Small Double
    120x190x25 cm
    1.30 kg
    135x190x25 cm
    1.46 kg
    150x200x25 cm
    1.67 kg
    Super King
    180 x 200 x 25 cm
    1.98 kg

    EU Sizes & Weight

    90 x 200 x 25 cm
    1.02 kg
    140 x 200 x 25 cm
    1.56 kg
    160 x 200 x 25 cm
    1.77 kg
  • Shipping information
    • Free shipping and free return within the UK
    • The Emma Mattress Protector is delivered free of charge by DPD or Parcelforce.
  • Country of origin

    Manufactured in the United Kingdom, all our products are strictly controlled and adhere to our high quality assurance standards.

The Emma Promise

Good sleep doesn't need to be complicated.

We want everyone to get the best night's sleep, that's why we're not just committed to giving you the best products. We've simplified the ordering process and are more than happy to offer you free delivery and returns.

100 Night Trial

Because you can’t tell whether a mattress protector is right for you in 10 minutes, you can test the Emma mattress protector for 100 nights at no risk.

100% Refund Guaranteed

You will get a full refund, without any hidden costs.

Free Delivery & Returns

Should the Emma Mattress protector be unsuitable for you, you can return it without any additional charges.

Bed Whispers - What do customers think of the Emma Mattress Protector?

  • Perfect!

    by Sarah Rakotonirina

    It doesn't make the mattress any warmer unlike the other mattress protectors I've tried in the past. I think it's really really worth the money and it's always good to know that it's dust mite repellent as well as that's a big worry with my allergies

  • Helped with allergies

    by Jody Fisher

    The smartsleeve is dust mite resistant which has really helped me as I am severely allergic to dust mites. My symptoms are not gone entirely, but it has made sleeping much easier for me

  • Even protect against dogs

    by Gina Southgate

    We have three yellow labs and I’m always scared that our mattress will end up victim to their exuberance. They're really big fans of taking naps on our bed, even though they're not allowed to! This gives me peace of mind that no matter how muddy they get, it’s all going to be OK!

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