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Emma Original Mattress Reviews

2 from 5 Stars
From Matthew
53 years old
26 June 2018


I purchased the Emma Original thinking it would help my bad back but after 3 weeks of trial I feel it has not helped at all and will most probably go back to my old mattress.

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2 from 5 Stars
From Ronnie
30 years old
23 June 2018

Not what I was expecting at all

The mattress arrived in a completely destroyed package, which already got me doubting whether I had made the right choice. Then I tried the Emma mattress for one week and I got terrible back pain. It was just too firm, not what I was looking for in a mattress.

At least they kept their promise and I got my full refund. Unfortunately, I ended up having no mattress to sleep for some days since I gave away the previous one.

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