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Emma Original Mattress Reviews

5 from 5 Stars
From Charlie
0 years old
15 November 2018

Value for money !!

Delivered as promised and I did my research in advance of buying because buying a new mattress is not a cheap investment, Emma scored highly in all the reviews I read and I have to say it has not disappointed, so comfortable yet very supportive which is important as I have suffered from a backache in the past...Highly recommended and great value.

5 from 5 Stars
From Pauline Ball
63 years old
22 October 2018

A Good Night's Sleep!

I really love my Emma mattress! Really comfortable from my first night's sleep! Never wake up with a back ache anymore. Delivery of new mattress and collection of the old went very smoothly with very little inconvenience. Good value for money.

5 from 5 Stars
From S Jarvis
50 years old
22 October 2018

Back pain problem resolved!!

It took me a couple of nights to get used to my new Emma mattress but I find it very comfortable. I had been suffering from back pain for a good number of months and decided it would be worth seeing if a change of mattress would help. It has made a world of difference - my back pain has drastically improved! This was an expensive purchase for me but has been worth every penny!

5 from 5 Stars
From Caroline Bradley
45 years old
22 October 2018

The Emma mattress is very comfortable

The Emma mattress is very comfortable, supportive. I wish I had bought one before, well worth the cost. I sleep so well, no aching back anymore. Delivery was quick. Only 3 days. Well done to the company

5 from 5 Stars
From G.L
50 years old
17 October 2018

Excellent mattress

Excellent mattress, Excellent customer service, fast delivery, bought two two more mattresses for our son and daughter and when we need to replace them in ten years time we would have no hesitation in ordering from Emma again, we recommend this company, very pleased with the mattress, it’s the most comfortable Mattress we have ever had at a reasonable price, thank you Emma Mattresses

5 from 5 Stars
From Colin
44 years old
17 October 2018

I suffer from chronic osteoarthritis…

I suffer from chronic osteoarthritis and, until now, have been unable to find a mattress that supports me adequately so that I get a full night uninterrupted sleep. From the first night after receiving my Emma mattress, I have slept like a log each night. The pain from the arthritis has also lessened significantly due to the support given during the night. I do wish I had found the Emma mattress sooner so that I could have had benefit sooner.

5 from 5 Stars
From April S
39 years old
17 October 2018

Really happy with our Emma mattress

Really happy with our Emma mattress, we ordered a king size and it arrived in 2 days, very quick delivery! Was very easy to take out of the box and take off the plastic, at first I thought it wasn't going to fully "inflate" if you could say that, but it just takes a little longer than memory foam mattress I've opened from plastic in the past. It's ridiculously comfortable, we always get a good night's sleep now. We also choose to pay through installments, which works really well for us and sorting it was seamless and easy and made it affordable for us to have a quality mattress. We love our new mattress, thank you Emma!

5 from 5 Stars
From Jackie Hargreaves
47 years old
15 October 2018

A bit of a surprise when unpacked as it…

A bit of a surprise when unpacked as it looked so thin. But the next day whow. So very pleased with the performance as, after a few nights back pain disappeared. What a relief. After six months it's wonderful to have a good night's sleep especially now I"m older !!! Highly recommend any to try ,you might achieve sleep without medication.

5 from 5 Stars
From Ricky
63 years old
15 October 2018

Has changed my life for the better

Has changed my life for the better . Have lower spinal prob following a car accident. Sleeping a lot better now and don't feel a hundred years old instead of 74 so an old dinosor thankful for your product !! Ricky Tobutt Davies .

5 from 5 Stars
From Robert Hendry
75 years old
15 October 2018

Excellent Mattress

Excellent Mattress, my Daughter purchased one and told me about Emma so I purchased one myself and no doubt the best ever, I am 75 years old and as you can imagine I have purchased many a mattress’s in my life, and can honestly say this is by far the best.

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