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Mattress reviews

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  • Love my mattress

    From Andrew Powel

    A year ago, I wish I bought it! It's been great since the very first day we got it. My husband and I had problems with sleep, mainly with pain in our shoulders caused by sleeping on our sides. The first night we slept on Emma's mattress was an unbelievable change.

    • 39 years old
  • Bad back

    From Alex

    I had a bad back which prompted me to buy a new mattress and the 100day return offer is lucrative. I've had this mattress for maybe 6 months now. At first it felt very soft around the edges - but since a few weeks went by it has become very firm and extremely supportive. The most comfortable mattress I've ever had. So much so that I've bought my son one. I would recommend without any reservation.

    • 32 years old
  • Comfortable

    From David

    I was reluctant buying a mattress online and especially one that came in a box. However, after a few nights getting used to sleeping on a new mattress I was pleasantly surprised and now I feel it is the most comfortable mattress I have slept on !!.... excellent !!

    • 52 years old
  • best weeks sleep in years

    From tracey lambe

    both my partner & myself have had the best nights sleep in years, we changed our mattress 3 times over the last 10 yrs & this was the forth. we will not be buying anymore as long as our nights remain as comfy with the emma mattress.It was delivered without problem & we slept on it the first night, it is firm but not too firm & we cant feel each other turn over in the night as my side of the mattress doesn't move when my partner turns like all the other mattresses did. so happy :)

    • Sleeping on Side
    • 8 Sleeping hours per night
    • With partner
    • 55 years old
  • Best by far

    From Jane Mitchell

    I have only had this 1 night and it was the best sleep I've had in years.
    Great for my pelvis hips and spine
    I could only lie on my left side before last night. I love it so far.

    • Variable Sleeping
    • 7 Sleeping hours per night
    • Alone
    • 56 years old
  • Fabulous night's sleep

    From Alison Burgess

    Have always struggled with mattresses....until Emma came along. Never had a bad night's sleep since it arrived last October. For once I was looking forward to coming home from my holiday because I knew I would get an amazing sleep on my return. It's like coming home to an old friend.

    • Sleeping on Side
    • 7 Sleeping hours per night
    • With partner
    • 52 years old
  • Cannot fault the service even though we returned the mattress

    From Sharon

    All our dealings with the customer service team has been great. I did see a few folk complain of delivery issues having to wait a few days for a mattress...well we had to wait a good 3 weeks anyways. However, we are in the north east of Scotland and it's pretty standard not getting anything quickly so that wasn't a problem for us. I called to get an update and was informed they would email in a few days which they did. Communication was great.
    The mattress itself was easy to unbox (very heavy though) and took shape no bother. New bed smell lasted about 2 weeks or so but wasn't unbearable. The foam layers are zipped inside a mattress cover so could be washed, which is great. I love a firm bed but just couldn't seem to get on with the mattress at all. My husband got on fine with it. I called Emma and advised I would like to return it and they said it was no problem but would I like to try a softer topper first. There was no pressure to accept this and try it if you didn't want to. I accepted. It arrived within a few days and if I'm honest I didn't feel the difference. The mattress itself is sturdy and I think of good quality but in the end we decided to return it. I didn't feel like I sunk into it enough and just found it a bit too firm, and unless you have had a foam mattress before, it's a different kind of firm of that of a sprung bed. I think going from a sprung to a foam was the most difficult even though I was convinced I'd like it - which is why the 100 day trial was brilliant.
    When I called to return it, it was less than a 5 minute job and there was no hassle in doing so. The company that collected it was the British Heart Foundation and contact between everyone was smooth. If Emma are donating these mattress then good on them. If not, well the process was all very easy and they picked this up on Friday and have already received 2 emails confirming my refund is in process.
    I SO wanted to like this mattress but sadly it wasn't for me, however I'd still recommend trying this out. Thank you Emma for being easy to deal with!

    • Variable Sleeping
    • 8 Sleeping hours per night
    • With partner
    • 28 years old
  • Ok

    From Noel

    I've found the mattress to be quite comfortable -my back still hurts but the pain wears off quicker after getting up. The mattress is too soft and gives way too easily for any other use than sleeping though.

    • Sleeping on Side
    • 6 Sleeping hours per night
    • With partner
    • 56 years old
  • Sleeping well !!

    From Malin

    I have been very impressed with the Emma mattress!! Delivery was much quicker than I expected and arrived within 2 days of ordering. The rolled up vacuum pack was one of the reasons I ordered the Emma mattress as we have a cottage with a narrow staircase, it went upstairs with no problems. Such a relief.
    The comfort has been wonderful, my wife and I no longer wake up with aches and pains. I also used to have disturbed sleep most nights, now I sleep much better and rarely wake through the night. I had no idea my old mattress was the cause of my bad sleep pattern. I would highly recommend this mattress to anyone considering a purchase, don't put it off, I wish I had ordered one a long time ago.

    • Variable Sleeping
    • 8 Sleeping hours per night
    • With partner
    • 39 years old
  • Great Product & Service

    From Stacey

    Came a day earlier than expected. Great packaging with handy tool to open the packaging.
    We left it in another room to air overnight. No smell like others have mentioned :-/. We both love the new mattress. We also got the mattress protector. I have had online chat with someone to ask about delivery and collection of my old mattress, and very helpful and prompt. Great service, Great product and price. Happy Customer looking forward to my ZZZZzzzzzzz :-)

    • Variable Sleeping
    • 7 Sleeping hours per night
    • With partner
    • 37 years old
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