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Couplenomics: The UK’s Couple Sleep Report

Till sleep do us part...

Roughly half of all Brits are currently coupled up. So, we took a closer look at how sleeping next to someone affects how well you (or your partner) sleep at night. By conducting a nationwide survey, we discovered some astonishing facts. To find out exactly how sharing a bed might be disturbing your sleep and exclusive expert advice on how to resolve this, download the full report here.

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Key Findings:

Our study revealed some interesting facts about couples in the UK, below are some of the key findings. To find out more, make sure to read the full report.

  • 50% of the UK’s population are in a relationship
  • 47% of these couples can’t sleep because they or their partner are restless sleepers
  • 17% of couples resort to "sleep divorce"
  • 9% of couples consider permanently or temporarily breaking up.

33% of Brits claim their mattress is causing sleepless nights

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