The Emma SmartSleeve Mattress Protector

The maximum protection for your Emma mattress. A waterproof, breathable, probiotic and antibacterial cover. Patented innovation for your mattress.
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A cover full of innovation

The Emma SmartSleeve mattress protector makes your bed a healthy and clean place. Waterproof, antibacterial and probiotic it protects your mattress optimally, to make sure it’s durable and hygienic.

  • Waterproof and breathable  

    The cover with membrane-like characteristics prevents the mattress from absorbing any kind of fluids. Also, it is highly breathable thanks to 3D structured material.

Size & Weight
90 x 190 cmweight 0.97kg
90 x 200 cmweight 1.02kg
120 x 190 cmweight 1.30kg
135 x 190 cmweight 1.46kg
140 x 200 cmweight 1.56kg
150 x 200 cmweight 1.67kg
160 x 200 cmweight 1.77kg
180 x 200 cmweight 1.98kg
Material Innovative Cairfull® material (100% polyester) with applied Purotex® technology
Delivery Costs Free delivery.
Delivery Information Free delivery with UPS.

Best protection for your mattress

Best protection for your mattress
Antibacterial and allergy-friendly
Thanks to special fibres the Emma SmartSleeve mattress protector shows 89.3% fewer dust mite allergens than conventional covers. It is therefore perfect in use for people suffering from allergies.
The Emma SmartSleeve mattress protector is 100% probiotic. That means that there are micro- organisms found in the material that prevent dampness in the mattress and the likelihood of developing allergies.
The Emma SmartSleeve mattress protector is waterproof and breathable. The protector acts like a membrane, preventing dampness from occuring.
Gentle on materials

The Emma SmartSleeve mattress protection provides your mattress optimal protection without affecting your comfort. The cover supports the durability of the product and is easily washable.

The Emma SmartSleeve mattress protector is very easy to clean. You can simply take it off your mattress and wash it up to 60° in the washing machine.

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