The Emma Original mattress is the best on test mattress and a Which? Best Buy mattress, June 2018!

The Emma Original mattress has received a Which? Best Buy endorsement, June 2018

The Emma Original mattress has been tested by Which?, the largest consumer body in the United Kingdom, and received the coveted Which? Best Buy endorsement for mattresses in June 2018.

Which? tests mattresses as a category and they have awarded the Emma Original mattress a Which? Best Buy, June 2018. You can visit for more information using your personal account.

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What makes Emma Original so exceptionally good?

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Thanks to its innovative three-layer technology, the Emma Original mattress performed exceptionally in the Which? mattress test. The 3 layer structure improves pressure distribution, and it’s designed to provide the perfect amount of body support and spinal alignment regardless of sleeping position.
The composition of the high-quality developed foams and materials offer a very high degree of dimensional stability and durability. Due to the fact that the memory foam always returns to its original form, the mattress is guaranteed a long-life span. That is why the Emma Original comes with a 10-year guarantee on the mattress core.
Through a thoroughly tested combination of different foams, the Emma Original mattress provides the pinnacle amount of comfort and support. In addition to this, Emma provides each customer with fast delivery alongside the opportunity to have their old mattress taken away after their new Emma is delivered.
Emma Mattress overview:

The Emma Original conists of three different layers:

  • The highly breathable Airgocell® foam is the top layer of the mattress. The Airgocell® foam is one of the latest innovations in sleeping comfort and the foam industry and their properties are comparable to those of a gel. This layer is extremely skin-friendly and has an open-pored cell structure with an air percentage of approx. 50% to regulate air moisture.
  • The second layer of the mattress is the visco-elastic memory foam for improved point-elasticity and pressure relief. The memory foam layer absorbs and distributes the load evenly regardless of your sleeping position, adapting to your specific body contours. Visco elastic foams are popular for its snug and cosy feeling during sleep.
  • The bottom layer of the Emma Original consists of a supportive cold foam. This layer provides high support and regulates all the heat within the mattress.
Neem de tijd voor het Emma matras
Awarded as a Which Best Buy Mattress:

Because of the exceptional performance of the Emma Original mattress in the Which? test, it was named as a Best Buy. This grade is only given to mattresses who perform the best in the Which? test and receive the highest ratings. This is to help customers make the best decision on which mattress to choose.

Why we are proud to be rated by Which? and receive the "Best Buy" endorsement:

We are proud to have been tested by Which? As a consumer testing institution, Which? is dedicated to testing products and informing the consumers of their findings. For this reason we are very happy to have received the Which? Best Buy mattress 2018 endorsement. However, do not just take their word for it, please take advantage of our 100 nights risk-free trial and experience it for yourself!


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