The Emma Original mattress has been tested by Which?
Becoming the best ever tested mattress and named a Best Buy for 2018!

Emma Mattress, awarded Best Buy Mattress 2018 by Which?

The Emma Original mattress has been tested by Which?, the largest consumer body in the United Kingdom, and received the coveted "Which? Best Buy" endorsement for 2018.

Which? tests mattresses as a category, not differentiating between the different types of mattresses and they have awarded the Emma Original mattress the accolade of Best Buy 2018. This endorsement comes as a result of an overall score on the mattress test as well as other grading categories that include body support and durability. You can visit for more information using your personal account.

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What makes Emma Original the Which? Best Buy 2018:

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The Emma Original mattress performed exceptionally in the Which? mattress test. The mattress test includes a combination of six individual tests such as body support lying on the back and side, breathability, the effect of movement on the mattress and stability. These Which? tests are done under the guidance of mattress experts and industry specialists.
The Emma Mattress received the best rating possible in overall durability in the Which? Best Buy mattress test. This category consists of 5 individual tests that measure the mattress´ ability to maintain its quality throughout the 10 years of the warranty. Which? specifically commented that the Emma Original is the best mattress they had ever tested yielding the highest score ever achieved.
Through a thoroughly tested combination of different foams, the Emma Original mattress provides the pinnacle amount of comfort and support. In addition to this, Emma provides each customer with fast delivery alongside the opportunity to have their old mattress taken away after their new Emma is delivered.
Which? Test overview:

The Which? test is a thorough, impartial, lab test that tests consumer products on their quality, durability, and overall customer satisfaction. Specifically, the Which? mattress test grades mattresses based on several categories including body support, breathability, durability over time and ease of use. With this, only mattresses that are the most supportive, have the best quality, and are durable receive the best grades and the Which? Best Buy mattress distinction.

With the help of mattress experts, Which? is able to give a definitive and thorough overview of the characteristics of each mattress it tests. Measuring the shape of a person’s back, in 36 points, the Which? mattress test is able to test the shape of the spine when a person lays on the mattress, displaying the amount of support that you receive while sleeping on the mattress. Each mattress is also tested for durability through tests that show how long the mattress will last and how it will change over time. This is done by rolling a heavy barrel over the mattress several times and then testing this process.

Neem de tijd voor het Emma matras
Awarded as a Best Buy:

Because of the exceptional performance of the Emma Original mattress in the Which? test, it was named as a Best Buy. This grade is only given to mattresses who perform the best in the Which? test and receive the highest ratings. This is to help customers make the best decision on which mattress to choose.

Why we are proud to be rated by Which? and receive the "Best Buy" endorsement:

We are proud to have been tested by Which? as it is a not only in-depth lab test but also an independent test. As a consumer testing institution, Which? is dedicated to testing products and informing the consumers of their findings. The Which? mattress test examines each mattress on several different elements in order to see the true quality of the mattress. For this reason we are very happy to have received the Which? Best Buy mattress 2018 endorsement. However, do not just take their word for it, please take advantage of our 100 nights risk-free trial and experience it for yourself!


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