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Official 2021 Sponsor of

World Sleep Day

World Sleep Day, organized by the World Sleep Society, is celebrated every year to raise awareness around the importance of sleep for overall wellbeing, with this year having a particular focus on future health.

We are convinced of the role sleep plays in improving our physical and emotional wellbeing. We are passionate about improving sleep for everyone. This year we are an official sponsor of World Sleep Day.

Research has shown that sleep is an important determinant in our everyday health. During sleep our mind reactivates experiences we have had during the day and effectively processes them – incredibly important for mental health. Our bodies also regulate or produce several hormones during the night, and adequate sleep is now proving to be vital for the functioning of the immune system. As our in-house sleep expert Dr Verena Senn explains:

“When you fall ill, the immune system actively stimulates the sleep system and demands more bed rest to fight the illness and regain its strength. Also, sleep is crucial to the effectiveness of vaccinations. To get the best benefit from a vaccine, it is important that we get enough sleep afterwards. Again, studies have shown that lack of sleep significantly limits the production of antibodies in response to a vaccine.”

Here at Emma, we are passionate about giving you the best sleep possible so that you can live a long and healthy life and are committed to continuous innovation, developing high-quality sleeping solutions, designed with you in mind.

To find out more about World Sleep Day, please visit the official World Sleep Day website.

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